Benefits of Becoming a Noisli Affiliate

High Commission 30% commission on every sale of a referred customer.

Recurring Income Commission is earned as long as your referred customer stays subscribed and for a maximum of 24 months.

60-days Cookie Life This means a longer period to convert your audience into Noisli users and a better chance for you to later get a commission.

Analytics Dashboard Track referrals and sales and see your commission history via the dashboard.

Dedicated Support Our dedicated support team will support you and answer any questions you have about the program.

How it Works

1. Apply to become an affiliate Apply to become an affiliate by filling out the application form.

2. Share with your audience Promote Noisli to your audience with your affiliate link.

3. Start earning Earn 30% commission of every sale made on Noisli through your affiliate link.

Want to become an affiliate?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate? No. Applying and being an affiliate is completely free.

For which Noisli services is this Affiliate Program valid? The Noisli Affiliate program is valid and intended solely for referring customers to the paid plans of our web service, which is available at, and only by using your unique affiliate link or code.

Our mobile apps (iOS and Android) are not part of this Affiliate Program and referring someone to them will not result in any commission.

How are commissions tracked? All tracking and the calculation of commissions are handled by our partner FirstPromoter. After being accepted as an affiliate and having an affiliate account on FirstPromoter, you will get access to your dashboard.

When will I get paid? Payments are done once a month for all commissions that did not incur any refund or chargeback in the month following the month in which the purchase took place (e.g. commission on a purchase done in January that did not incur any refund or chargeback as of March 1st, are eligible for payment in March).

At the beginning of each month, if you meet the payment threshold and want to get paid, you need to first send us an invoice for your earned commissions. To meet the payment threshold you need to have a minimum balance of 100€ and two active customers.

For more information about how payment works, please see the affiliate agreement.

How will I get paid? Payments are made in euro (EUR) to the payout method selected by you within your affiliate account. The payment methods available are SEPA bank transfer or email address.

Where can I get more information? Before applying please read the terms of our affiliate agreement carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us here.